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Rückmeldungen von den Eltern

“Thank you very much Pastor Plitzko for taking the initiative and giving our kids this great chance, it is the first time for my son to travel abroad without the family and he came back with a very enriching experience, he felt independent, member of one whole team, and above all safe all along. My son having made new friends, We thank you for making the effort to bring the kids together into one whole group and with the german kids they have met in the camp. We truely acknowledge and appreciate your efforts behind all the details and your genuine care for our kids.” Parents of Youssef Ewaida (6a)

“Our son had one of a kind experience to travel on his own with a group of youth of his age, live in a new community and experience new adventures totally in a different country. A great mix of life and spiritual experience. Thanks Pastor Christian Pitzko, your team and the Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde (DEG) for the efforts in organization of this trip locally and in Germany. Thanks DEO for the support in facilitating all local arrangements and allow for such a cultural mix.” Parents of Raef Daoud (7a)

“A big thank u to Pastor Plitzko for all his efforts with our DEO students, for his initiative and encouragement. It was a great opportunity allowing them to experience the German culture more, engage with the German community and take responsibility of themselves. Thank you to the DEO for supporting this trip and for the DEG for their hospitality and assistance. We our very proud of this experience and hope it continues in the following years.” Parents of Mariam, Malak and Nour Amin (10a, 7a,7c)

“Thank you very much to Pastor Christian for taking this initiative that helped our children have exposure to the German community. For the DEO for supporting this activity for the first time and for the Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde for being such welcoming hosts to our children. This was a great experience and I hope we continue to have it.” Parents of Youssef Hanna (7n)

“A big big thank you to Pastor Plitzko for all his efforts with the kids and for taking the initiative and for giving the kids this great opportunity to experience something new and to learn how to be responsible and above all for being so patient and kind to them.
Also special thanks to the DEO for supporting the trip and for the DEG for their hospitality. We hope it continues in the following years.” Parents of Nicole and Mike Zaher (10a, 8b)

“A special thank you to Pastor Plitzko for organizing this trip and for all his effort in every step with the kids. This is the first DEO organize this trip and he is the one behind it. Giving the Childern this exposure and this experience and getting to know more friends from different countries. A big thank you and appreciation for all the effort and the support to pastor Plitzko.”
Parent of Youssef Gayed (7b)

“لقد فتح القس بليتزكو آفاقًا جديدة بهذه الرحلة؛ فبفضل المستوى العال من الحس البين ثقافي، تمكن من خلال هذه الرحلة من تقريب العلاقة بين الطلاب المصريين والألمان. تضمن برنامج السفر العديد من الأنشطة المشتركة التي كان على المجموعة خلالها أن تثبت نفسها كفريق واحد. ومن خلال هذا التفاعل والتعرف على البعض، نشأت صداقات لم تكن ممكنة في سياق المدرسة. وبهذا قد أنجز السيد بليتزكو المهمة التعليمية للمدرسة بطريقة مثالية وأظهر مرة أخرى أن راع المدرسة جزء أساسي من عائلة إدارة المدرسة الألمانية الإنجيلية الثانوية. من المأمول أن يتم تثبيت هذا المشروع بشكل دائم في  الجماعة الإنجيلية وأن تنتشر هذه الكلمة كتشجيع للمجتمعات البروتستانتية الألمانية الأخرى في الخارج.

أولياء أمور الطالب إيمانويل لاسكا (الصف الثامن / مدرسة الكلية الأمريكية بالمعادي)

“Special thanks and immense appreciation to Pastor Plitzko for his exceptional dedication to the children during this amazing trip to Hannover, by going above and beyond to provide them with enriching experiences and invaluable life lessons. His unique patience and kindness have made a profound impact on my daughter, providing not just learning experience, but also growth, and responsibility. Thank you, Pastor Plitzko, for your incredible efforts and the wonderful opportunities you’ve created for our children, looking forward for another opportunity in the near future.” Parents of Julia Nachid (8c)

“Thanks a million for Pastor Christian Plitzko..the most wonderful person who was always there for us and did a great effort in each step. Can’t thank you enough for your great support. We are looking forward to the next with you.” Parents of Malak Makramallah (8b)

“Thank you very much Pastor Plitzko for all your effort, support & patience before and during the trip. My children had a wonderful experience.” Parents of Hannah und Adam Barsoum (8a, 10a)

“Special thanks and appreciation to Pastor Plitzko for all his efforts and support. It was a great experience for my son. Thank you to the Deo for supporting the trip and the Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde for their hospitality. Looking forward to the next trip.” Parent of Giorgio Iskandar (8b)

“A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the Landesjugendcamp 2024.
We extend special gratitude to Pastor Plitzko for his exceptional leadership. Pastor Plitzko’s remarkable planning and vision turned this camp into an unforgettable experience for the kids. His unwavering commitment and ability to connect with everyone ensured that each moment was both spiritually enriching and incredibly fun.” Parents of Daniel Morcos (10c)

“Thank you so much Pastor Christian Plitzko for a great trip and experience. Thank you for all the organization and help that you offered throught the trip and even before. Thank you for the DEO for supporting this trip and thank you for the DEG for their hospitality. It was a great exposure to the kids and they really enjoyed it. Hope to repeat such experience in the future.” Parents of Farah Doss (7c)

“Many thanks to all parties assist in success of Landesjugendcamp 2024. Special thanks and grateful to Pastor Plitzko and his assistant team for his patience and understanding from day One till the trip end where their sincere efforts is crystal clear highly appreciated also to the DEO staff and DEG for organizing and hospitality. All the best! Parents of Steven Yassa (8a)

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